About | The story behind With Love Louise

Hi! I'm Beth Wilkison.
My middle name is Louise, which is where "With Love Louise" came from.
"With Love Louise" started while I was traveling the world with different bands and musicians as part of the production team and when I came home I needed something to do. So I started making mugs for fun. Pretty soon, friends were asking for custom ones, and it grew from there.
I've been making products ever since, and now they've grown with me as well—you'll find some mom life items sprinkled in with clever and cute shirts, drinkware, and home décor.
My business has always been focused on combining laughter and design because I believe it makes the world a better place. Our goal is to make people smile, laugh, and enjoy life's moments without taking things too seriously!
We hope you enjoy your experience here at With Love Louise and thank you for supporting small businesses like mine!